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We at ETM develop and distribute automation software for our customers all over the world since more than 30 years. Our product, SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, a SCADA system (SCADA/HMI), controls the New York subway, Sydney Harbour Bridge, wind farms in Spain and CERN in Geneva, among others.

As an independent company within the Siemens Group with headquarter in Eisenstadt, we implement our innovative projects in a customer-oriented manner, thus making us one of Austria’s Leading Companies. Our employees make an essential contribution to this result and the ETM spirit.

“We are continuously growing and looking for both career newbies and experienced old hands, as well as anyone in-between.” 


We want you

  • You love software

  • You are committed and passionate about your work

  • Flexible working hours are important to you

  • You are keen receiving a welcome package

  • You are an outstanding and passionate programmer

Sounds good?

  • Overtime payments are important, and you are not keen on all-in contracts

  • Home office from time to time sounds good

  • You are not allergic to performance bonuses

  • You don’t need any application supporting documents

  • Apply now

“If you consider yourself a fast learner then with us, you’re in the right place.”



We employ architects, product managers, implementers, and testers.

“We have created a welcome package for you. Do not miss your chance.”


What we do

We develop and market industrial software, WinCC Open Architecture software – from product management through architecture up to implementation and the required tests – along the entire product lifecycle management process.

We assist our international customers through worldwide consulting services in locations like Sydney, Dallas, New York and in many other places such as Siberia.

In addition to specific individual on-site customizations, we also offer phone-, skype- and remote support services.

Our business developers acquire new partners using among others the worldwide Siemens network. Our system administrators, quality management, accounting and administration staff make sure everything runs smoothly.

We develop fascinating software …

We handle millions of process details in real time, sometimes distributed across hundreds of servers while communicating with field equipment and feeding data into clouds or ERP systems. The same software should also work on a Raspberry PI or IoT devices – running under Windows or Linux, on the web and also partly on iOS and Android.

… through true research and development …

Our software must be absolutely safe and must be 100% guaranteed that what is seen on the user interface is the actual correct condition in reality, which is why we’re aiming at processing tens of thousands of measurements per second and writing them extremely quickly to the databases.

… with only the best experts …

At ETM you will experience challenging and thrilling tasks in collaboration with an easy-going expert team in an international context. Additionally you’ll have the opportunity to continuously improve your skills and increase your expertise in any desired area.

… for outstanding customers.

Our consultants, business developers and support teams in over 40 countries worldwide, address the challenging requirements of international concerns and highly specialized system integrators – enabling you to explore fascinating cities such as Hong Kong, St. Petersburg or New York.

This is our offer

You are worth it. Additionally to “common specials” like hot drinks and payment into a corporate pension, we offer quite a lot more. You should definitely have a closer look to our welcome package.

We are looking for top people with passion. Whether young academics, Higher Technical Education Institute graduates or senior software developers, for us your skills and the fire you bring along for our vacancies are important.

What you get

  • Impressive performance bonuses for all staff, when applicable

  • Payments into a corporate pension fund on top of your gross salary

  • Free hot and cold drinks, satisfying anyone’s taste

  • In case you feel like it, weekly fitness training at the neighboring fitness club

  • Opportunities to pursue your career at our parent company, Siemens, if you wish

  • Company notebook, company mobile (when professionally required), company car (when working for sales), also for your private use

And on top of all this …

  • If you are coming a long way to us to Eisenstadt, we can get you a room at the neighboring FH university campus for six months, without you having to bear any high organizational or financial outlays

  • If you don’t speak German, we will pay for your German course

  • If you’re coming from outside the EU, we will assist you in getting a work permit

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Applying for a job can be this easy

“Ideally as simple as possible“ – simply email us your application to job@etm.at, or call us on +43 (0) 2682 741 62754; then we can get together at the earliest possible date.

If all goes well then we move on to a follow-up interview where we mutually finalize the last details and outline conditions and welcome you aboard.”

Berni Alram, HR

“When you click on any of the individual vacancy descriptions, always keep in mind that you don’t have to be familiar from the beginning with everything specified as a “must-have” – but definitely within one or two years.”


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